Here’s A Cool Video…’Best Weapons & Skillshots 2016′

In a video long gone viral, we get to see a veritable plethora of many different kinds of firearms and different skillshots from several different people, both male and female.

A Skillshot is a type of champion ability that casts a projectile that requires careful aim to hit a target. Skillshots projectiles usually travel on a straight path for a limited distance, and usually hit only the first target they collide with. Direction-targeting is a targeting paradigm in League of Legends that specifies that abilities using it require an input direction to be used. The term skillshot is often used to refer to projectile-based direction-targeted abilities, such as Ezreal’s Mystic Shot.

What ever definition you use, this video has it all- everything from hot babes, precision long-rage rifles, mini-guns and smg’s (submachine guns) and much, much more. In my opinion…this video is worth the 8-plus minutes it takes to watch it.

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