A Hilariously Awesome Video Of An Epic Rap Battle Between Gun Owner & Liberal

I hate to say this, but this silly video really does speak truthfully about the differences between gun owner’s and liberals. Being a gun owner and a veteran, you could say that my views on gun ownership are pretty traditional. I strongly believe, that the people’s right to keep and bear arms, should not and must not, be infringed in any way what so ever.

Right now this country stands on a precipice, while conservatives want to pull this nation back from the edge of ruin and disaster, the so-called “liberals” are more than happy to push this nation over the edge and drag us all down into the mire of ruin and moral degradation . It’s painfully obvious, that those on the left are by definition hardy “liberal” at all, they are close minded and not very accepting of anyone who doesn’t think exactly like they do. By the very definition of the word, they are the exact opposite of what a true liberal is.

Thanks to eight years of Barack Hussein Obama’s policies, we almost went down in flames, but Thank God, the adults in the room have taken the reigns of government away from these foul-mouthed and petulant, spoiled children and are repairing the damage that they did.

It will take some time, but as long as we keep focused on our goals, this country will be alright.

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