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Here Are 15 Amazon River Monsters That Might Make You Change Your Vacation Plans To South America

In the Amazon River, there are a multitude of creatures that can either harm you, kill you and yes…even EAT you. I chose the video below for several reasons, one would be, that even though most civilized countries are doing their best to help animals with conservation, my biggest worry is, the further man encroaches on the natural habitat of animals in the Amazon region, we might not see some of these species around for too much longer.

Especially in the poorest areas of these countries, people continue to hunt certain species to the near brink of extinction. Some people (especially in third world countries), don’t have the luxuries that more civilized countries have and the only option for them to feed their families, is to hunt these creatures to make a living, so they’re not too concerned with conservation.

Most, if not all of the animals shown in the video are marvels of evolution and the mere thought of any of them going extinct because of man’s carelessness, or greed, is a sin. No, I’m not a tree-hugger , or one of those “animals first” nuts, just a common man that realizes that we should do our utmost to make sure that these animals are around for future generations to see, study and enjoy, because they have alot to teach us.



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