What’s Better Than Watching A Bunch Of Hot Girls Shooting Automatic Weapons…Nothing (unless you’re blind)

While searching through YouTube for videos of hot girls shooting automatic weapons, I came across the video below. ‘Skin & Guns’…what could possibly be more American than that? If you are an all American red-blooded male from anywhere in the United States (San Francisco & Fire Island excluded), what on earth could be more exciting than scantily-clad women shooting automatic weapons? Okay…stupid question…how about SEVERAL scantily-clad women shooting SEVERAL automatic weapons. Well thanks to Sharpshot Films and Skin and Guns, you get a double dose of both, beautiful women AND all kinds of exciting weapons to choose from.

Skin and Guns puts-out a calendar (I had no idea…seriously) each year and they sell ALOT of them. So, unless you’re some liberal sissy-boy who doesn’t like guns, or girls, this is definitely NOT your cup of tea. But, their loss is our gain right guys? The video below is from 2011, so I’m sure we here at Survival Nation, will be paying closer attention to them in the future…at least I will and that’s a stone-cold fact.

As the old saying goes: “I’d buy that for a dollar” !!

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