The Weapons Of Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany: The MG-34 & MG-42

The Second World War in Europe ended over seventy years ago and Adolph Hitler’s evil legacy has certainly not been forgotten, or even diminished, during the last seven decades and rightly so. Adolph Hitler has been called one of, if not “the”, most evil man of all time. Not only did Hitler try to wipe-out all of Europe’s Jewish population, by the end of the war, he dragged his own nation down into the ashes of destruction with him. Throughout history there have been several what I would call “evil men”, but if there was a “Top Ten” list of history’s most evil, Hitler would definitely be one of the top three most evil men of all time.

During the mid 1970’s, I was stationed in what was then “West Germany” and I  saw with my own eyes one of the many “Death Camps”, where this evil legacy was played out, it was a sobering experience to be sure. But this article is not about Adolph Hitler,or the Nazis, but the weapons that his soldiers used on the many battlefields during that horrible conflict.

In the video below, we see two of those aforementioned weapons; the MG-34 and the MG-42. While I don’t wish for you to think that I am complimenting the Nazis, I am however giving credit to the many weapons that were used by the Wehrmacht. These machine guns (MG-34 & MG-42) are marvels of modern weapons engineering, even by today’s standards. Say what you will about the Germans during WWII, the weapons that they used were first rate. Some might say, that they were even “over-engineered”.

The MG-42 was one of the most feared machine guns of it’s time and while the MG-34 was a good weapon, it was eclipsed by the MG-42, simply for it’s unprecedented high rate of fire at 1200 rounds per minute. There was no other machine gun manufactured by the allies that even came close to the rate of fire of the MG-42, with one exception, the MG-34 and even though the ’34 had a high rate of fire of 800 to 900 rounds per minute, the MG-42 eclipsed that by over 300 rounds per minute.

I thought the video below was well done, it shows you both the MG-34 and the MG-42 in a side by side comparison.


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