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How Tough Is A Hi-Point .40 S&W…Look Here And Find Out For Yourself

Brand new right out of the box, the Hi-Point .40 S&W goes for just under $200.00. Now, I never would put any pistol through the kind of punishment that the guy in the video below is going to do, but, it might make some of you Hi-Point ‘haters’ possibly change your opinion about this gun. I bought this exact model about two and a half years ago, I took it up into the mountains and ran 50 rounds through it and it never malfunctioned.

Yes, it’s bulky and ugly as all hell, but this isn’t about a beauty contest. It’s about when you pull the trigger, a bullet comes out of the barrel and at 3:00am in the morning and there’s a stranger in your house…all that matters is just that.

The point to having any handgun, is that it functions when you need it the most. Now, I would not recommend that you drag your pistol behind your truck, throw it in a pond, or shoot it…that’s going a bit too far, but if a weapon can withstand THAT kind of punishment and still function, then that’s a good gun.

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