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These Are The Top 5 Underrated and Obscure Concealed Carry Guns

In the episode of TFBTV below, James talks about five guns that he believes are under the radar in terms of being viable concealed carry options. While there are a lot of great concealed carry options out there (and while there are a lot more than five underrated concealed carry pistols), all of these are worth a look even if they are niche guns geared towards users with particular needs.

Everybody has their favorite type of handgun (or maybe even a few), but try to keep an open mind while going through this list. Remember, while some of these pistols aren’t exactly the ‘prettiest’ guns, the main function of a small conceal carry gun is to properly function when you need it and all of the pistols on the list below do just that.

I’ve provided hyperlinks to all of the prospective manufacturers so that you can check each one out and learn a little more about them.

The guns in this list are:



#3. GLOCK 36

#2. KAHR CW9

#1. BERSA BP9cc

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