The Survival Slingshot: If You Want To Survive Bring A Tool…Not A Toy

The Survival Slingshot is a patented slingshot with a integrated rail system and a watertight hollow handle. The integrated rail system allows you to customize the slingshot with whisker biscuits, laser, tactical lights and bow fishing accessories. The watertight hollow handle can be used to store gear.

This Survival Slingshot is configured for archery as well as a tactical light for night time hunting. A Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit is mounted using our custom aluminum accessory mounting bracket. Whisker biscuits increase accuracy with arrows but folds out of the way when you want to use regular slingshot ammunition. The Whisker Biscuit also is key to hold the arrow in place while you are shooting regular size arrows. Ease of use is important and you can easily fold away the whisker biscuit and change from archery mode to firing regular ammunition without tools.

The standard bands are approximately 25 pounds pull and easily shoots regular arrows . The Tactical Light is an one inch diameter LED flash light and is attached to one of the two mounting points on the side with a regular Weaver Mount Base and Scope Rings. Front mount also has a standard size 5/16″ hole mount allowing formounting archery stabilizer or fishing reel seat to attach a fishing reel for bow fishing. 


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