Islamic Terrorist Gets To See His Own Brains Courtesy Of A 115mm Round From A Syrian Tank

There’s nothing better in the world, than seeing an Islamic terrorist get taken out. While these goat-humping jihadists thought they were in a place of good cover and concealment, a Syrian tank showed them that when it comes to the heavy armor of the Syrian army, there’s no hiding place good enough to deter a 115mm round. For every Jihadist that is killed in Iraq and Syria, that’s one less “refugee” that gets to infiltrate Europe, or the United States under the guise of refugee status.

Americans need to understand, that every man between the ages of 18 to 45 who immigrates from the middle east and  emigrates to Europe and the United States, isn’t a refugee, but a jihadist soldier. These goat-humping jihadists aren’t looking for a better life in the west, they are soldiers in the service of the moon-god “Allah” and their sole purpose it to kill the infidels (people like you and me), to institute a Caliphate as decreed by their Imams.These animals will never “assimilate” into western culture, their sole purpose is to make Islam & Sharia law the prominent form of government wherever they go.

So, wherever one gets killed, it’s a good thing, because it means that there is one less Jihadist to settle in the countries of the western world.


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