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Incredible Footage: Hippopotamus Gives Birth And Saves Newborn From Hungry Crocodiles

While a full grown hippopotamus has nothing to fear from any crocodile, newborns and small calves are a different matter. More than one baby hippo has been snatched right out from under it’s mother by hungry crocodiles lurking nearby. In this particular instance, a hippo gave birth and we can also see a crocodile near by, just waiting for the chance to grab the newborn. Luckily for the little guy, it’s mother wasn’t going to let that happen to her baby. We see the mother get between her calf and the crocodile and on this particular day, mother nature not only provided a miraculous spectacle, but also a happy ending for all concerned. In the background, we can hear the tourists shouting their happy approval that they were able to see such a miraculous sight in what was definitely a once in a lifetime event.

Here is the description that went along with the video:

This extraordinary footage documents, for the first time in recorded history, the birth of a baby hippo in the wild. Shot in Masai Mara Kenya (September 2016), viewers will find of special interest the social introduction of the baby to its extended family member, waiting eagerly on the bank as the mother gives birth. During this breathtaking scene that will bring tears to your eyes, a mother fights to keep her baby alive from two crocodiles lurking nearby waiting eagerly for a tasty treat of the newborn child.


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