Holy Cow…This Girl Can Sure Handle A Shotgun

Nothing and I mean NOTHING, impresses me more, than a gal that knows how to handle firearms. And in the video below, we see a gal that certainly fits that description. Whether she’s firing at the ready, or shooting from the hip, this woman knows how to handle a shotgun. Not that many women can handle a pump shotgun, or even a double barreled for that matter, but when it comes to a semi-auto shotgun, even fewer women could handle one, but those gals aren’t the one in the video. She is using a Mossberg 930 semi-auto 12 gauge and boy-o-boy…she sure knows how to use it. Whether she’s shooting a stationary target, or throwing one up in the air, for the entire four minutes of the video, she shows the world that not only can she shoot, but hits what she’s aiming at.

This comes from Mossberg’s website and here’s what they have to say about their products:

For nearly 100 years, Mossberg has been making the most durable firearms on the market — born and bred right here in the United States. From designing and engineering to manufacturing and testing, we have one philosophy in mind: our guns should work as hard as you do. And so, day in and day out, we strive to put quality and reliability before all else. Which means well-made firearms that stand up to heavy use. And backed by the Mossberg family name, you can expect a level of craftsmanship and care unmatched by our competitors. In fact, we are the oldest and largest family-owned firearms manufacturer in America – when you buy a Mossberg, you’re not just buying a gun, you’re buying a piece of history and our promise of longevity.


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