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Here’s The Self Contained Wireless 12 Gauge Taser Round

I’m sure there will be some idiot on the left that claims that this constitutes ‘cruel and unusual punishment’, but think about it for a moment, what would you rather want to be, dead, or just tased? Technology marches on, now a police officer doesn’t have to get danger-close to a suspect using a conventional taser, he can simply use his 12 gauge shotgun and fire. This will SAVE countless lives. Now deadly force doesn’t have to be used and the arresting officer doesn’t have to come in too close proximity with a suspect. And no matter what some people think, a police officer doesn’t wake-up every morning and want to take a human life.




TASER XREP WIRELESS ROUND Size: 12 gauge Weight: 25 grams Speed: 270 ft. per second Range: 100 ft. Current: 1.3 milliamps Get it:When you get your badge—the XREP is for law enforcement only. Unlike Taser’s conventional stun gun, which shoots tethered probes up to 35 feet to deliver an incapacitating jolt, the company’s new XREP is a 12-gauge wireless projectile that can be fired up to 100 feet from any pump-action shotgun. It sails through the air like a normal slug yet induces muscle paralysis on impact.

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