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Cindy Is Just Your Everyday Average Hot Girl Shooting A Semi-Automatic Rifle At An Exploding Target

Mike and Cindy Jones are just your average everyday all American couple,who just happen to have their own YouTube channel called SoulSurvivorX2, they make some really good gun and survival videos too. They have 75,982 subscribers with  24,446,117 views on their channel since 2011. In the video below, Cindy is firing an AK-47 at a mannequin filled with Tannerite. As with most targets filled with Tannerite, when a bullet does connect with the target object, it usually (depending on the amount of Tannerite used), makes for a pretty big bang and that definitely was the case in this particular instance.

Here’s what Cindy had to say about this particular video: “Shooting guns specifically the AK and first time using Tannerite exploding targets. Girls shooting guns get a big surprise and blew the head off this dummy. Target shooting and practice has never been more fun. We say goodbye to an old friend in this video and also a great hat. “

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