Here Is AMAZING CLEAR VIDEO FOOTAGE Of A Yeti Sighting In Russia

Whether you’re a believer or not, this is absolutely the best video footage of a Sasquatch/Yeti in existence, with the exception of the Roger Patterson film released in 1967. Several publications, from the Huffington Post, to the Daily Mail have picked this footage up and written articles about it, so if a major publication is willing to put their reputation on the line, it’s safe to say that this footage is comes from a credible source.

A group of Russians claim to have captured the best footage of Bigfoot. The adventurers spotted what they described as a hairy bear-sized humanoid that marched out of the woods before disappearing seconds later. The recording came when a group of people from the city of Adygeisk set off in search of the mysterious creature after a local TV station reported that it had been sighted in a remote region, cast’s of footprints were also taken.

I think it’s safe to say, that the Russian government isn’t involved in perpetrating any hoaxes on the west with this video, they seem very anxious to prove the yeti’s existence and it would be to their advantage to do so, since American biologist’s all think the Yeti/Bigfoot is just a figment of some redneck’s imagination anyway. They said they had questioned the people at a mountainside lodge who claimed to have seen the creature, and managed to get several independent confirmations that there was something out there.


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