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When Going On Safari In South Africa Don’t Do What These Stupid People Did [VIDEO]

I’m sure by now, that everyone who subscribes, or reads this magazine, has seen my articles about what happens when people get out of their cars while on a wild animal safari in Africa, especially when there are lions around. The same can be said for people who roll down their car windows.Those folks do it to get a good photograph of these apex predators. People have been dragged through their open windows and killed by lions and all for the sake of getting a clear unhindered picture. Trust me when I tell you, one clear picture isn’t worth your life.

Yet, in places like Kruger National park in South Africa, people continue to break the rules to get a clear photograph of wildlife. There is a good reason the park authorities tell you to keep your window rolled-up and your car doors locked. They’re not trying to spoil your vacation, but are trying to not only save YOUR life, but the life of the animal as well. Because if one of these creatures does kill a tourist, that animal then has to be put down.

And it’s not just lions that you should worry about, there are several other species that can cause humans harm.

Kruger National Park Safari offers a wildlife experience that ranks with the best game parks in Africa. The best of African safaris can be captured along the borders of Mozambique and Zimbabwe, in one of the continent’s largest game reserves, known as Kruger National Park in South Africa. Kruger National Parks main goal is to conserve the wildlife and not to babysit tourists who disregard the park rules.

If you have the opportunity to go to South Africa and visit Kruger National Park,for the sake of your own safety, PLEASE follow the rules. By doing so, you’ll not only save YOUR life, but the life of an animal as well.

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