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What’s It Like To Get Shot…Look Here And See For Yourself

Getting shot is not fun and it’s no damn picnic, I’ve been shot twice and believe me, it has two effects on a person (at least for me); one is, it can really scare the living crap out of you, or, it will really piss you off. I have experienced both of these emotions… since I do not like to tempt fate, I prefer to not experience it a third time. Thankfully, both times I was shot it was with a small caliber rounds (a .22 cal and a 9mm) and their is nothing “cool” about it. The first time, it was quite by accident, but the second time was intentional and thankfully, I was only creased by the bullet. In both cases, I was not wearing any kind of body armor.

The injury inflicted by a bullet is directly related to the bullet’s kinetic energy. This is a measure of the bullet’s weight, velocity and gravitational trajectory. The combination of the three describe how much damage a bullet will cause.

As a bullet enters the body, it causes laceration and crushing wounds. The bullet punctures tissue and bone, crushing or pushing aside anything in its path. When a bullet passes through tissue, it creates a cavity that can be 30 times wider than its track (the path it takes). This cavity closes behind the bullet less than a second after the bullet passes, but the cavitation it causes can damage nearby tissue, organs and bones via shock waves.

In the video below,  they are using pig meat as a human double, to find out what exactly happens when a 900 mph bullet rips through flesh. Also, they’ll be using ballistic gel so we can see the path of the bullet as it’s fired. What you will also see, is what happens when they use different types of body armor as a deterrent.

The moral to this story boys & girls- do not intentionally shoot another human being, unless your life, or, the life of your loved one’s are in danger.

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