Want A Laugh…A Suicide Bomber Accidentally Blows Himself Up Along With A Bunch Of His Pals

If there’s one thing I never get tired of seeing, it’s a dumbass terrorist accidentally killing himself. Either by walking straight into gun fire thinking that “Allah” will protect him, or, having his suicide vest go off at the wrong time. The video below is a classic example of the latter, I swear, these guys are so stupid that I can’t understand why we haven’t won the war on terror already. Seriously, I mean the combined I.Q.’s of this group can’t have a total of more than 50…and I’m being “nice”.

A Syrian-based terror group is sitting around singing, rifles stacked in the middle of the room and their flag draped on the wall above, when a suicide belt goes off prematurely. These men are said to be a group of Takfiri terrorists, a foreign-sponsored group that’s claimed responsibility for numerous attacks across Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. Yep, one second they’re having a kumbaya type sing-a-long…and the next…well…you get the idea.

At least here we don’t have to waste American treasure to kill these guys…they were kind enough to do it for us. I wonder, could we get guys like this to help train those little ANTIFA bastards? Whatever…grab some Jiffy Pop and a cold Coke and watch the show.

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