Wannabe ISIS ‘Rambo’ Gets What’s Coming To Him…72 Virgins

The title to the YouTube video says: “Terrorist of FSA gets blown to pieces”. Well, that isn’t quite a true and accurate description of what happened to this terrorist scumbag. He goes to the end of an alley, fires-off a few rounds with a machine gun, steps back in the alley to get another weapon and it’s after that, that this wannabee ISIS Rambo takes a few hits and drops like a wet sack of laundry. After he gets shot, his buddies drag his lifeless body back into the cover of the alley. What the title of the video SHOULD have been was: “This is what happens when you are a dumb ass”.

In the second half of the video, we see that his body has been washed and put into a shroud, ready for burial and his trip to heaven, to collect his promised 72 virgins. I’m just glad that another goat-humping terrorist is dead and won’t he be surprised that when he gets to the end of his journey, it won’t be a bunch of virgins waiting for him, but Satan himself. These Islamic terrorists make Hitler’s Runic "ᛋᛋ" look like a bunch of boy-scouts in comparison. As far as this journalist is concerned, I hope every last one of them goes straight to hell on an express elevator.

Now I know why so many military aged men are fleeing to the west….nobody wants to end up like the guy in this video.

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