U.S. Navy MK-38 25mm Gun System Live-Fire Exercise On Fast Attack Boat…THIS IS SO COOL

The MK-38 is a 25-mm machine gun installed for ship self-defense to counter high speed maneuvering surface targets, such as small, fast attack boats, that are used by Somali pirates and also by the Iranian navy. Watch ammunition rain down on an approaching unmanned small fast-boat as Sailors and Marines aboard the amphibious assault ship USS America (LHA 6) conduct a live-fire exercise to test the equipped Mk 38 MOD 2 25mm Machine Gun System’s capabilities against attack.

The MK 38 was first employed aboard combatant and auxiliary ships conducting Mid-East Force escort operations and during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. MK 38 Mod 1’s are maintained in a rotatable pool for temporary installation aboard deployed ships. Following the October 2000 attack on USS Cole (DDG 67), Task Force Hip Pocket identified an improved MK 38 Machine Gun System (MGS) as a means to increase shipboard self defense against small boat threats.

Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center
2700 meters
180 rpm.
25 mm


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