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Thinking His Victim Was An Easy Mark…Armed Robber Gets Dropped By Off-Duty Police Officer

You would think that going to a drive-through for a burger would be the last place that an armed robber would strike, well this is just what this off duty police officer believed. As we can see in the video, the robber casually walks right up to the open drivers-side window, grabs the man inside the car and puts his pistol at the head of his intended victim. What the would-be robber didn’t know (or expect), was that his intended victim was not only armed, but an off-duty police officer as well.

Although we cannot see clearly what is happening because of the camera angle, we do however see that the victim manages to fire his handgun into the robber and drops him,  also putting several more shots into the crook lying faced-down on the ground , all while still in his vehicle.

Self and situational awareness is very important, even when you believe yourself to be in a “safe” place, as we learned from this particular video…there really is no “safe place” in public. One very important rule if you are a civilian who carries a concealed firearm, never, ever draw your weapon unless your life (or that of your loved-ones), is in mortal danger.

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