These Are The Top 10 Bloodiest Moments From The BBC Television Show ‘Planet Earth’

While I do not like the fact that the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), is a government controlled entity, I will say that there are quite a few programs on it that I do like and Planet Earth is one of them. I believe that this program is exceedingly well done and it also raises awareness regarding animal life and conservation.

When I was a young boy (here in America), I used to watch Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, which premiered on Jan. 6, 1963 (yes I’m THAT old), it took viewers on a whimsical and fantastic journey to the far corners of the world and studied wild animals in their natural habitats. ‘Wild Kingdom’ viewers witnessed exciting stories and learned about wildlife and conservation, as hosts Marlin Perkins, Jim Fowler and Peter Gros faced the challenges of life in the wild.

Wikipedia has this to say about the BBC show ‘Planet Earth’:

Planet Earth is a landmark 2006 British television series produced by the BBC Natural History Unit. Five years in the making, it was the most expensive nature documentary series ever commissioned by the BBC and also the first to be filmed in high definition. Planet Earth premiered on 5 March 2006 in the United Kingdom on BBC One, and by June 2007 had been shown in 130 countries. The original version was narrated by David Attenborough, whilst some international versions used alternative narrators like American actress and film producer, Sigourney Weaver.
In the video below, we see some very graphic instances of just how violent and forceful nature truly is. With a few exceptions, nature is a very cruel and un-forgiving mistress, who more times often than not, does not offer too many second chances. The video shows instances of everything from Wild African dogs, Grizzly Bears, Lions, Polar Bears and Nile Crocodiles.

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