Take One Girl..One Barrett .50 Cal…An AR-15 Then Add Tannerite & See What You Get

What you get is Lisa Jean , she seems like a nice girl, but since I’m old enough to be her father, I’ll leave it right there. What do you get when you have a great looking girl and add on to the fact that she likes guns and things that go BOOM…you get the perfect woman that’s what you get.

I wonder…does she fish ?

Here is a little bit about her from her bio on her Facebook page:

Its so easy to forget the natural beauty of just living. From a very young age we are taught responsibility (how to work for the things we want). From an even younger age its our natural instinct to discover the unknown and learn how to interact in the world we were born into. Somewhere down the road some of us tend to forget the importance of the things that define us as humans. The things that once brought us pleasure become foreign. Instead of focusing on the true value of life and living we can get lost in surviving the rat race of everyday life. At what point do we stop and think “Why am I doing this?” or “What am I doing all this for?” or even “What makes all this worth while and why am I not out there doing it?” It all boils down to making the time for the things that make us, as individuals, who we are (or were for that matter) happy. What’s the point of being here if we aren’t doing ourselves the favor of truly living.”

If you are going to be using Tannerite always remember to be safe and always make sure you are at a safe distance when you are shooting at it in your target.

Here is a little info regarding Tannerite from the company’s website :

Tannerite® is here to serve you. We will do anything with in our power to assist in making any transaction with you fast, affordable and righteous. Binary Reactive Targets were invented and patented by Daniel J. Tanner (shooting long range in above video), of Pleasant Hill, Oregon. This is the home of Tannerite®, the only legitimate company to successfully patent the Binary Reactive Target. The only companies, besides us, that can legally sell our invention are these authorized retail dealers near you.

Here is Lisa in action:

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