The SKO-12 Shotgun: A New Design For The 12 Gauge By Standard Manufacturing Co.

The SKO-12 shotgun created by the folks over at Standard Manufacturing Company, seems to combine some really interesting features in their new design. From the looks of it, it will make a pretty big splash from AR enthusiasts. Using the standard AR platform, this shotgun seems to have all the earmarks of a great product. Hitting the local gun shops with a price tag of $999.00 might seem a little spendy, but looking at the overall features and performance, it will be worth it.

Now, call me old fashioned, but I still think the Remington 870 Express is a great standard pump 12 gauge, but for those of you that like a higher rate of fire, with a detachable magazine, this might be your dream come true. Unfortunately, the SKO-12 isn’t quite ready for purchase right now, but rest assured that the folks over at Standard Manufacturing are working hard to get it ready for you.


Specifications and Features

  • 12 gauge semi automatic shotgun
  • Accepts detachable magazines which will be available in 2, 5, 9, or 15 round capacities
  • Reliable gas operating system
  • 18 7/8” barrel length
  • Adjustable stock
  • Large 22” rail mount which provides ample room for optics, lasers, and illumination devices
  •  Screw in choke system which will accept a variety of choke tubes including the Stiletto and Tactical chokes
  • AR sporting rifle type controls
  • 38” overall length
  • 7 lbs., 10 oz. weight without magazine
  • MSRP $999.00

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