Hot Shots 2017 Calendar: Behind The Scenes Of “Operation Desert Fox”

Hot Shots calendars have found the perfect way to make sure that men all over the world will never forget an important date, they combine the hottest girls on the planet, throw-in all kinds of guns and make the most awesome calendars the world has ever seen.

For a tenth glorious year, the iconic Hot Shots Calendar returns! The Calendar continues to celebrate all things military, supporting the hard work and bravery of the armed forces who undergo dangerous work on a daily basis.

For ‘Operation Desert Fox’, we welcomed back costume designer Caleb Crye who yet again has created a series of stunning outfits for our models. Shot on a premium location in Arizona, we are delighted to welcome back the amazing Holly Peers, Rosie Jones, Kelly Hall and Emma Glover as well as some new faces. These include ex-marine and American Shannon Ihrkel; from the UK, the tattooed Kayla Cadorna; from the USA Metal Mulisha Maiden Stephanie Pietz; and also from the UK Surfer Laura Crane.


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