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Holy Crap…Here Are 10 Really SHOCKING Fishing Moments All Caught On Camera &They Are Doozies !!

Here are ten really crazy cases, of the most interesting and toughest moments from fishing and fishing fails. For example, the bursting stomach of a beached whale and an angry octopus, along with different fishing fails during the winter on ice and even some underwater fishing, from extreme river rapids and videos about big and small fish. And even one very angry, very pissed-off, Sea Lion. It’s all here in a really awesome video compilation.

This collection of ten videos just might make you want to avoid fishing….nah…just kidding, really- a day without fishing is a day without sunshine ! This collection really is something , from really interesting encounters that might leave you thinking…’Now, why in the heck did they do that?’, to ‘Holy Crap what an IDIOT!!’.

Some of these incidents could have been avoided and some…well..we’ll just put them down to sheer stupid dumb luck .


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