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Here’s How Muslims In France Treat Native Born Citizens…And It’s Only Going To Get Worse

Take a good look at this video, right now this kind of thing happens all over Europe, particularly in France and it’s only going to get worse, now that the socialist Macron has been elected president. French citizens openly attacked by roving gangs of Muslim refugees aged between 18 to 35 years old (all capable military aged men mind you). Europeans wanted to prove to the rest of the world how kind they are and THIS is how they were thanked for their kindness. Let this be a stern lesson to us here in America, if we allow tens of thousands of these people into our country, we will be seeing scenes like this all over our great nation.

This is not about some “irrational fear” (aka “phobia”), this is stark reality. Not only are Americans assaulted by Muslims, but by invaders from our southern border as well. The really sad part of this is, democrat politicians are not only allowing it to happen…they WANT it to happen and all in the name of “diversity” & “multiculturalism”. Democrats claim Americans should willingly open their doors and allow anyone who wants to come here, to simply do so ,without any kind of vetting process, or even a criminal background check.

Well excuse me for telling all liberals, progressives AND Democrats, if you want these people here SO BADLY, that THEY should be the ones who should feed, clothe and house these people in THEIR homes and take the burden off of the American taxpayer.

Within the next 3 generations, the native people of Europe will be minorities IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES. And if we don’t do something RIGHT NOW…it will be the same here in the United States


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