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Great Video For Gun Owners “Hiding Your Guns in Plain Sight”

Whether you own, or rent your home, this is a great system to strategically place your guns in critical easy access areas. With burglaries and home invasions increasing, having an option of quick access to your firearms, but yet keeping them hidden, but at the same time in plain view is what Tactical Walls is all about. Whether or not you have kids in the house , or, you just can’t afford a big bulky gun safe, then this may be just what the doctor ordered.

This is from their website

TacticalWalls is a family owned and operated business, based in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Our products are proudly manufactured in the United States. Every product is hand crafted, using mostly U.S. sourced materials, whenever possible.  We make products that are simple to install, are easy to use, and offer discrete storage solutions for every room.

Founder, Tim Matter, came up with the idea while trying to solve the familiar problem of limited storage space. He needed a way to store firearms out of sight while  maintaining quick access to them. His answer was an elegant solution that took advantage of the unused space in the walls.


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