Caught On Video: A MASSIVE ANACONDA In Brazil Supposedly The LARGEST ONE Ever Seen

In the video below we can see a massive anaconda in Brazil and it was captured on video, it is supposedly the largest one ever seen. There are countless photo-shopped pictures of so-called “Giant Snakes” floating around on the internet, but this isn’t one of those.

This video was shot by fishermen on the Santa Maria river, in the southwestern state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil and it’s the “real deal”.  Seeing a snake this size makes you feel almost small by comparison. It’s clearly plain to see, that the individual trying to grab this snake does not suffer from “ophiophobia”.

The screen for this video may appear to be grey, or disabled, but if you click on the arrow I assure you it does play.

The description beneath the video on YouTube said this:

A huge Brazilian anaconda was captured in jaw-dropping video while a trio of fishermen pulled it out of the river water — nearly getting the animal stressed to the point of rearing its enormous head and swallowing them all. The group — Sirlei Oliveira, husband Betinho Borges and friend Rodrigo Santos — were boating down the Santa Maria river, in the southwestern state of Mato Grosso do Sul, when they came across the huge snake, reported O Correio News reported.
The serpent, estimated to be at least 17 feet, is seen moving away from the tiny boat, its belly appearing full of what must have been a massive lunch not long earlier. Then Borges begins to prod the anaconda with a wooden oar as the snake attempts to get away from him.
‘Leave it! Oh my god!’ yells a hysterical Oliveira in Portuguese as her husband continues to torment the yellow anaconda.The snake gets away momentarily, swimming away from the group for a few seconds before the boat turns around and continues to chase it. ‘Grab it, dude, grab it!’ instigate Borges as his buddy Santos tries to catch the snake by its tail.Then Borges gets over to the boat control — and brazenly begins to take off as Santos holds on to the snake, pulling the huge animal as it thrashes around trying to get away.

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