Bear Goes Ballistic In Logging Camp Shows NO FEAR Of Man Or Machines In An Amazing Video

A bear casually strolls into a logging camp and shows everyone there, that he has no fear, nada, zip, zilch, of anyone , or anything and as the men sit in their truck, the bear just does his thing. I mean, who’s gonna stop him ? For those of you that are actually naive enough to believe that bears in the wild are cute & cuddly critters like “Yogi The Bear and his little buddy Boo-boo”, this is the perfect video for you to watch.

The bear in this particular video, wandered into a logging camp during the day , probably because of the noise and the smell of food. As you can see for yourself, this animal has NO FEAR of man. While the loggers were in one vehicle, the bear turned it’s attention to another truck and decided to tear it apart. The sheer size and strength of this animal is apparent, while the loggers watch it make short work of the other vehicle.

I wonder, will that guy’s auto insurance cover that ?

There is no indication as to the location where this video was filmed and since the Brown Bear can be found in Alaska, western Canada,and parts of Washington, Montana and Wyoming we’ll just have to take our best guess as to the location where this happened. Brown bears may be active at any time of the day, but generally forage in the morning and evening and rest in dense cover by day.

In the United States black bears are common in the east, along the west coast, in the Rocky Mountains, and in parts of Alaska. They are also found in a few small areas in the southwest and southeast. Black bear are the most timid and least dangerous of the bears found in North America.



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