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An Awesome Compilation Of Animal Attacks On Humans All Caught On Video

Animal attacks on humans are no joke and I must say, the music background in the video below at the very least, is just a tad bit ‘inappropriate’. Animals don’t attack humans only because they are hungry, although it is listed as one of the top reasons why. In fact, wildlife behavior is very much similar to the way we live, it’s about social behavior and not necessarily instinct. Social behavior between the different animal species is very complex.

When we feel threatened, frightened, bothered, or feel the need to protect our young, we do tend to get defensive. Apart from the five reasons listed below, animals attack when they are teased, awoken while sleeping, bothered while eating, have lost a mating opportunity, or are hungry, according to some. Animals do not usually eat humans, however, when there is a shortage of food they prepare their attacks.

It’s interesting, but all of those reasons listed above (and below), could just as easily apply to humans. After all, we’re primates aren’t we ?

#5. Surprised or Frightened: If an animal is caught by surprised or otherwise frightened, its first instinct may be to lash out. This basic instinct helps create distance between the animal and the intruder, giving it time to assess the situation.

#4. Protecting Territory: Many animals are territorial, especially land-based predators. A well-defined territory provides the fittest individuals guaranteed hunting and foraging grounds; a lifeline if you will. These species will defend their territories tooth and nail against any perceived usurper, animal or otherwise.

#3. Old, Sick or Injured: Animals that would otherwise never dream of attacking a human may do so out of sheer desperation. Chasing down and ambushing wild prey may no longer be an option for an old, sick or injured animal, so it may turn to atypical but easy meals, such as people.

#2. Protecting Young: The golden rule of survival around wild animals is to never, ever, ever get between a mother and her young — or anywhere near her babies, for that matter. The maternal instinct to defend one’s offspring is so strong that a protective mother will take on any perceived threat, regardless of the odds of winning the fight. And that definitely includes humans.

#1. Feel Threatened: One of the most basic of all emotions is fear. It exists in nearly every animal species. If an animal feels threatened for any reason, its genetically programmed defense mechanisms will kick in and it will do whatever it takes to remove itself from potential danger. Luckily flight is the go-to defense mechanism for most animals. However, depending on the animal and situation, running away may not be the best option. Instead, the animal may strike, bite, battle or tear apart its perceived threat. This is the number one reason why it’s important to keep a respectful distance from wild animals that can potentially harm humans — and to never keep them as pets.

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