‘Achmed’ Shows His Terrorist Buddies How NOT To Use An RPG In Combat

This stuff just never gets old does it? I swear, I could watch videos like this all the live long day and I would’t ever get tired of it. Because every time an RPG blows-up…a terrorist gets sent to hell. Maybe it’s just me (or maybe it’s the PTSD talking), but I really get a thrill up my spine when I see one of these knuckle-dragging, neanderthal, goat-humper’s get sent to meet “Allah” in person.

I will not excuse my description of these animals either, I only wish I could say what I really feel, but I’m sure that you get the idea. I am grateful for the fact that we now have a real American as our Commander in Chief, an individual that feels the exact same way as I do about Islamic terrorism. I hope that we don’t have to re-deploy to the Middle East again, but if we do, at least we’ll have a man in the White House who will let our troops actually “win” the war, instead of pulling them out before the job is done.

Make NO MISTAKE, infused with all those refugees heading to Europe and the United States, there are real honest to God terrorists, people who want nothing more that to destroy western civilization as we know it and create an Islamic Caliphate here on American (or European) soil. That is why I am happy as all get-out every time I see one of these barbarians get sent to meet their maker.

Enjoy the video.

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