These Are 10 Nightmarish Animals That You Should Be Glad Are Extinct

In the video below, you’ll see 10 nightmarish animals that you will definitely be glad that they went extinct. From gigantic apes, to giant underwater scorpions, this video shows us that there are (or at least were) monsters roaming the face of the earth. At least one of the creatures on the list (possibly a distant cousin), is still believed to be with us…see if you can guess which one it is.

Most of these extinct animals have provided the motion picture industry with plenty of ideas for science fiction & horror films over the years.  Some of these creatures have been spotlighted in many different television shows, using computer graphics, we get a pretty good idea of what they looked like. Still, while they may be extinct, some of these creatures are definitely the stuff of nightmares.

It’s always a sad thing when an entire species disappears from the face of the earth, however, there were some species that you probably didn’t know about that you wouldn’t want around today.


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