You Might Be A Redneck If…You Use A Flamethrower To Take Out A Hornets Nest

Bugs…spiders, wasps and hornets…I HATE em ! But seriously folks…this is just a tad-bit of overkill (even for me). But, when you want those hornets REALLY…REALLY dead…then by all means- use a flamethrower.

It just kills me, when I first saw this video, I thought- that guy just wanted a new toy and he used the excuse that he wanted to kill some bugs to get one. While I do not posses a flamethrower…I wouldn’t mind having one, who knows…it might come in handy someday for something right ? This wasn’t about “need”, as it was more about “want”…and this guy “wanted” a flamethrower.

Yes…yes, I know he said he was all about protecting his family from those pesky hornets, but COME ON, let’s get real for a moment shall we?


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