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[WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO] Outdoorsman & Hunter Tim Wells Takes A Spear In The Thigh

Tim Wells, a well known hunter has been all over the world, he’s hunted in  North America, South America and even in Africa. Tim has produced several videos, has his own YouTube channel and his own website called In this particular video, Tim is in Africa and was planning on doing some spear hunting, but he had an accident when climbing down from the tree he was using as a stand, apparently his spear wasn’t properly secured and it went completely through his thigh.

 That where this video begins, Tim removed the spear from his leg, but he is severely injured , still he managed to make this video. Even the most experienced hunters make mistakes at on time or another, but since Mr. Wells was alone and  had such a severe injury, he’s lucky to have survived this ordeal. Let this be a lesson to everyone and don’t let something similar happen to you.

Here is what Tim had to say about what happened:

Yes, I’ve been SLOCKED!! But I’m like a 3 legged coyote, it takes more than a hole through the thigh to give me a dirt nap. Kerrie and I do want to say thank you for the overwhelming support. Especially all you wonderful gents who have offered to take my wife hunting during my state of peril. And for you who have caringly asked if its on film, yes, why yes it is.

*WARNING* The video contains graphic images and is not for sensitive viewers.

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