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This Is One Very Seriously Pissed-Off Doe…Watch What She Does To A Poor Dog

When we think of a Doe (a deer, a female deer), we think of a very delicate & quiet animal, who just wants to eat and quietly go about her life…well the Doe in the video below…isn’t like that at all. The doe in this video must’ve been born in Detroit, or possibly in the south-side of Chicago, or maybe even Brooklyn…because she has a very short fuse. The doe and her fawn (which looks almost like a new-born) were in a pretty nice residential neighborhood. And like all doe’s, she left her fawn in a good hiding place while she went to have a bit of lunch. First it was a common house cat that found the baby and after giving the tiny fawn a couple of good sniffs, the cat was satisfied.

 As the camera pans to the street, mama shows up, just to make sure everything is alright with her fawn.  Before you know it, the doe caught sight of a dog…it wasn’t barking, or doing anything in a threatening manner, but the doe made a bee-line right to the poor pooch and beat the living CRAP out of poor fido. The entire time, the cat has been hanging around and when mom was done with the dog, she turns her attention on the poor kitty. I understand the maternal instinct to protect one’s young, but this doe needs to take a friggin’ chill-pill or something. Or, at the very least…needs to attend some anger management classes.

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