Steve Lee: “I Like Guns” [Great Video]

For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, Stephen Gary “Steve” Lee is an Australian country musician and gun rights activist. In 2009 he released his first music video, “I Like Guns” which has over 5 million views (see video below) on his YouTube channel, which totals over 13 million views. Living in Parkes, New South Wales he is also a Contract Shooter, Farmer, Pyrotechnic and Paintball operator.

Wikipedia has this to say regarding Steve:

Steve Lee grew up in Broken Hill exterminating pest Rabbits. Lee is a firm pro-gun activist having supported and spoken with the Shooters and Fishers Party’s leader Robert Borsak and put forward many singles and statements regarding guns, gun laws, criminals and law-abiding gun owners. Since 2009 he has been invited to America by the National Rifle Association, had his song “I Like Guns” featured in a video game, appeared in HBO’s “Guns in America” and been interviewed nationally on A Current Affair.
He has also released a DVD. Lee was part of a 2014 episode of SBS television series Living with the Enemy on hunting. Steve spent a week living at the headquarters of Animal Liberation Victoria witnessing a duck hunting protest, then vegan Felicity Andersen spent a week at Steve’s home where she joined Lee and Robert Borsak on a feral pig hunt.

Enjoy the video, I think it’s quite a catchy little ditty myself.

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