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OH MY GOSH…These Snakes Are Tricky…Even For The Pro’s

This video was produced by an outfit called “” and for all practical purposes, they supply exotic pets (i.e. snakes lizards etc..) to people across the country. While having an exotic pet may seem like a good idea at the time, what sometimes happens when folks get tired of having the animal around, (especially in places like the state of Florida) people end-up dumping their “pets” out in the wild, instead of contacting their local zoo, or reptile farm. That has had a massive negative impact on the environment.

This exert is from :

Since the 1970’s, these invasive Everglades snakes have been living in the Everglades National Park. From 2000 to 2010 almost 1,700 Burmese pythons were captured in the area. As of December, 2010, it’s believed that over 30,000 of these alien species are living in Florida Everglades. The Burmese has a strong presence in the area. So do the North African and South African Rock pythons along with the anaconda. Compounding the concern is that the African Rock’s have a particularly nasty temperament, and they prefer larger game than the Burmese. This makes them more competitive for food with the larger indigenous species like the panther.

Please make sure, that before you decide to acquire an animal like these in the video, that you do your homework prior to your making the purchase. Reptiles (especially large snakes like in the video below) are NOT at all like mammals, they don’t think like them and they certainly don’t ACT like them. They don’t show love and affection and if in a foul mood, they will attack you in an instant. A large python for instance, only lives for two things…to eat and procreate…PERIOD. They are not snugly warm little creatures that will love you their whole life and they should NEVER be fully trusted.

So please, before you buy an animal like this…think very hard about it prior to doing so and please learn everything you can about the animal before bringing it home.


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