A MUST SEE For All You Preppers Out There: A Homemade Backyard Rail Gun

A couple months back,  I published an article about the Navy testing a new weapon system in the form of an Electromagnetic Rail Gun. And while that particular weapon was quite a bit larger than the one in this video, it’s still pretty darn cool. But you have to remember, that this backyard version of a rail gun, while workable in theory, it’s clear after firing the weapon, that these techno-geeks still have a ways to go in perfecting their version of the weapon.

The concept of a rail gun is fairly simple, railguns are being researched as a weapon with a projectile that would use neither explosives, nor propellant, but rather rely on electromagnetic forces to achieve a very high kinetic energy. While current kinetic energy penetrators such as an armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding-sabot can achieve a muzzle velocity on the order of Mach 5, railguns can potentially exceed Mach 10, and thus far exceed conventionally delivered munitions in range and destructive force, with the absence of explosives to store and handle as an additional advantage.

I’m not sure the test was very successful…but these young men seemed quite pleased with the results. Keep at it guys…after all, that’s what makes America great, inventors just like you. Maybe some of you MacGyver’s” out there can take something like this to the next level and perfect it to make it work right. It certainly would make a fine addition to your gun collection.

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