Lions Show Tourists At Kruger National Park Just Exactly What It Is They Do For A Living

This particular video was shot in Kruger National Park in South Africa, as you will see, safari-goers certainly got an up-close and personal view just as to what it is that lions do for a living. This video shows how 2 Male Lions hunt and kill an adult Kudu Bull in the road between cars filled with excited tourists. Previously I published an article with a video of a man getting out of his car to get a better shot of lions with his camera and he was subsequently attacked and eaten by them.

Lions are the apex predators in Africa and while they may be awesome to see and make videos of, you must remember…they are stone-cold killers and if you piss them off, or get in their way, they will not hesitate to attack you. If you are lucky enough to visit a place like Kruger National Park and see these animal up close…always remember- DO NOT ROLL DOWN YOUR WINDOWS AND NEVER GET OUT OF YOUR CAR !!

Not generally known, is that there are 2 subspecies of Kudu. Lesser kudus are found in acacia and commiphora thornbush in arid savannas; they rely on thickets for security and are rarely found in open or scattered bush. Greater kudus are found in woodlands and bushlands. Already vulnerable to a number of natural predators, the kudu now faces loss of habitat due to habitat destruction and poaching. When you support African Wildlife Foundation, you support local communities’ efforts to protect wildlife habitats.

Nicole Meiring is the woman who shot the video back in July, of 2015 and she had this to say about the event:

“As we usually do, we headed out as soon as the gate opened from Orpen camp. Two male lions were walking down the road towards us. Since they seem to be quite happy with the car near them we started to video them and turned on our GoPro. Before we really knew what was happening the one dashed around the bush and flushed out the kudu who sadly made a bad decision and dashed out onto the tar. It slipped and slid into the car behind us. The Lions were on it in an instant and mercifully it died very quickly. Hearts pounding at what we just saw, we didn’t know if we had any video footage and I just shot blindly with my camera hoping that something would come out. One of those one in 1 million sightings and we feel very privileged to have witnessed it. And yes, the lady behind the camera shed a few tears while the Kudu offered up its life. Nature is awesome and sad at the same time. “

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