Here Are 5 Horrifying Snake Attacks Caught On GoPro

Most snakes don’t want to be bothered by humans, but when cornered, they will attack. Here are 5 examples of snakes attacking a GoPro camera. All of these attacks, except one, occurred in the wild and the only reason they did attack, was because somebody stuck a camera in their face. All but one of these animals were venomous snakes, so the people taking the video were literally taking their lives in their hands and all for the sake of getting a ‘cool’ video.

Here’s some free advice, if you are out in the wild with your GoPro and you just happen to come across a poisonous snake, for Pete’s-sake, just leave the poor animal alone. But if you don’t and do get bitten…then that is on you. Remember, they won’t bother you, if you don’t bother them. I’d say that 4 out of the five people in this video, were just plain lucky that they didn’t get bitten by one of these very dangerous animals.

Always remember, when you are out in the wild, there are some animals out there that could do you great harm. But if you keep a safe distance and are respectful of them, chances are, you’ll not only survive the encounter, you’ll also have a cool story to tell your friends when you get home

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