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Here Are 5 Guns That The Obama Administration Really Didn’t Want You To Have

So here we have 5 guns that the Obama administration really, really didn’t want you to have, or own. It’s NO SECRET that during the last 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency, the democrats did almost everything they could to ‘backdoor’ the Constitution and in particular, the 2nd Amendment. Democrats really hate guns (YOUR guns, not their’s). Senator Diane Feinstein in particular, has tried to push anti-gun legislation for years, but what the good senator DOESN’T want you to know, is that she herself carries a concealed weapon, she has had a CCL for quite sometime, she’s afraid that someone wants to kill her, so she has lead the charge to disarm law abiding citizens for years. Feinstein was also the author of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban and has been leading the charge on Capitol Hill to bring back the legislation since it expired in 2004.

Many democrat controlled states are passing laws (since they can’t do-away with the 2nd Amendment), to limit magazine capacity and in doing so, will back-door your ability to own an “AR-15” style weapon…hell, if they could get away with it, they would only allow us to own muzzle-loading black powder muskets.

Thanks goodness we now have a new president who is PRO-Gun and is perfectly fine will “we the people” owning firearms.

Anyway,after watching the video (that was released in 2013) you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Here is what the maker of the video had to say:

“Okay so I will be honest here. Is this one a little far fetched? No…they don’t want us having anything more than a sharp stick. I’m glad that you guys enjoy the 5 guns videos. We have many more planned. Some of them are fantasy based, while other reality based, but still, it’s an interesting subject. Not all people in the Government are anti-gun. There are many politicians that are pro-gun and fight to protect our rights when they are under attack. Unfortunately, many people in the Government think it is okay for their armed goons to be roaming the street but they want us to be disarmed for our own safety. Think about it people…You give up your guns and you will be giving up everything.”

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