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The Most Destructive 12 Gauge Round Ever Made…Let’s See Just What It Can Do

I sure do love going out and shooting my 12 Gauge Remington 870 Express shotgun, in my humble opinion, it one of the finest shotguns ever made. And when you set-up a target and blast-off a few rounds of 00-Buckshot…well, it’s just too darn much fun.

It’s very apparent to me after watching this video, that this 12 gauge round will do the job. Not only will it take-out a raging mad-dog jihadist….but it will take-out his father AND younger brother and all at the same time if they were lined-up one right behind the other.

And really….isn’t that what really matters ? When using a shotgun, the ultimate goal, is to put your target D-O-W-N and this round will do it. I shudder to think WHAT will happen when some poor b*stard gets hit with one of these brass beauties…talk about “instant sausage”…whew !!

Here what the guy who made the video had to say:

I think my round nose brass pellets are the most powerful rounds I have made yet. if you really need to put something down these, will do the trick. however for home defense over penetration may be an issue. I will have to follow this video up with some longer range stabilization and accuracy testing.

Watch how this goes…you’ll love it, this video is 7 minutes WELL SPENT…let me tell you !!


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