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“Cop Killer” Shooting Captured On Bodycam [WARNING GRAPHIC ADULT LANGUAGE & VIOLENCE]

A cop killer met a violent & deserved end when he decided to go on a rampage and attempted to kill as many police officers as he could. I must warn you- that the footage below is highly graphic in content and if you have any children in your home, do NOT play the video if they are in the room.

A report of the incident is as follows:

On the morning of Oct. 26 2013, Christopher Chase, 35, dressed in body armor and camouflage and a rifle, told witnesses in Southeast Albuquerque to call police and that he was waiting for them. He then fired upon an officer and managed to steal the officer’s police cruiser, beginning a 16-mile police pursuit that eventually ended when Chase crumpled in the cruiser against a gas pump at Fourth and Montano NW — all amid gunfire from multiple officers.
Chase had shot three Albuquerque police officers, who received minor injuries, and one Bernalillo County sheriff’s deputy, Robin Hopkins, who is undergoing a lengthy recovery for a shattered femur.

The autopsy, released Tuesday by the Office of the Medical Investigator, gives some insight about Chase’s final moments. APD officials have not confirmed that they shot Chase, though they did confirm that they shot at him and that he had gunshot wounds when officers pulled him out of the wrecked APD vehicle.

The several hours of video from officers’ lapel cameras show a chaotic scene, with at least three dozen shots fired at Fourth and Montano at the end of the chase. Officers can be heard shouting expletives and instructions to each other as they try and comprehend the fast-moving situation. One video shows APD officer Daniel Morales as he gets shot in the leg, and another shows officers discussing how Chase had “half his head blown off” after the dust had settled.

A gruesome shot shows a bloody Chase slumped over the steering wheel, blood splattered over the interior of the car.

The autopsy report showed Chase had three gunshot wounds on his neck near his sternum and another from a bullet that entered near the back of his head. Also, a bullet entered Chase’s upper back, and he had two more gunshot wounds to his left arm. Chase also had a gunshot wound on his scalp, a “gaping” laceration that measured 6 inches long and 4 inches at its widest point, according to the autopsy.

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