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Caught On Camera: Shocking & Horrifying Moments While Fishing

These clips in the video below are not “stranger hiding under the bed”, or “maniac ax murderer” horrifying; they are horrifying in the sense that they are shocking events, things that most people would not expect, when out for a leisurely day of fishing. Like you’re about to see, these are the kinds of things that can happen to anybody when they least expect it. Some of these clips are probably going to be upsetting for some, so just watch at your own discretion.

Since it’s debut on YouTube, this video has gone 10 x platinum (over 10.5 Million views). There is not alot I can say about it, but after watching all 8 minutes and 54 seconds, I can see why it has as many views as it does. I have never experienced anything like what the folks in the video experienced and that’s probably a “good thing”, because if I ever did…I’d give-up fishing for good.

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