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During A Street Fight A New York Man Gets His Clock Cleaned [Violent Video]

In the video below, we see a young man from New York get his clock cleaned by an Arizona man. Things like this are so UN-NECESSARY, it doesn’t have to come to violence. The New Yorker could have just kept his mouth shut and kept on walking, but he didn’t.  The video started at a certain point of the argument, so there is no idea as to what started this war of words. One thing is clear, the young man from back east definitely had an over-inflated sense of self and in his abilities to fight.

It’s one thing, if your back is against the wall and there is no other alternative, but if you are going to have to use your fists, at least KNOW how to use them. Sadly, the New Yorker didn’t.  This video was posted onto YouTube in March, of 2014 and it has garnered over 7 million views. There are certain things that you don’t do when out in public and one of those things is, you don’t act like a schmuck. One thing is for certain, the New Yorker started using racial epithets to taunt the other two men and perhaps that wasn’t a very good idea.

In this day and age with cell phones that can record videos, you can bet your bottom dollar that when a fight, or altercation starts, someone (or perhaps many) are going to record it and post it to Facebook, or YouTube. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s cool and sometimes, it’s used in court against you. In the case of the young man from New York…it’s a lasting memory of humiliation. I would categorize this as a “learn from your mistakes” moment.

My Grandfather had a saying: “Don’t let your alligator mouth over-load your canary ass”. I hope the young man has learned his lesson and will in the future, go out of his way to be polite whenever he can. But, something tells me this kid isn’t going to do that.

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