On The Hunt For Big & Deadly Electric Eels…Real ‘Amazon River Monsters’

Electric eels, as it turns out are not actually eels, they come from the knife fish family. They are closer to Carp and catfish than they are true eels… They are air breathers that like to inhabit the swamps and creeks around here. And that’s where these guys start their hunt. These eels they’re looking for can grow to 8.2 feet or about 2 and a half meters. They can weigh up to 44 lbs or 20 Kilos. According to some sources, they can put out a electric jolt of up 900 Volts which is more than enough to stop a human heart.

Electric eels create their voltage by using 80% of their body mass to store 6000 or so cells that act like tiny batteries. Once fully charged, the eel can release all that stored energy at once, or in a series of jolts, depending on the needs of the situation. In this case, a caiman thought it might go for an eel dinner. but the eel used a full jolt to show the caiman it’s fatal mistake.

There are many ways to catch electric eels. Some of the local people lure them into a pool of poisoned water. Jeremy Wade from River Monsters fame likes to use a lasso… but the guy in the video likes to stick with small circle hooks… one way not to catch them is like this. In this video, the fisherman learns the hard way that it’s not a good idea to stand in the water while trying to catch them… Luckily his friends pulled him out of the water before he drowned and thankfully, he managed to survive unhurt.

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