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Very Nice Looking Blonde Woman Firing The PSL 7.62x54R Rifle

In the video beneath this paragraph we see a very nice looking blonde woman firing a PSL 7.62x 54R rifle. If there are some who think that the rifle in the video is a Dragunov, let me assure you, that it isn’t. The Romanian PSL may look similar to the Dragonov, but there are differences between the two rifles. Chambered in the more powerful 7.62x54R rimmed cartridge, the PSL series provides greater long-range capabilities than the AK and has seen action on both sides of the War on Terror.

The PSL (Romanian: Puşcă Semiautomată cu Lunetă model 1974, “scoped semi-automatic rifle”) is a Romanian military designated marksman rifle. It is also called PSL-54C, Romak III, FPK and SSG-97 . Though similar in appearance to the SVD Dragunov, the PSL rifle is actually based on the RPK light machine gun

I’ve owned one of these rifles before and they are easy to sight-in and I thought it had pretty accuracy. There are some who would disagree with me regarding the accuracy of the PSL and if I had a choice, I would have rather owned a Dragunov…but they are very hard (if not impossible) to come by and are very expensive. The Russian Dragunov SVD and Chinese NDM-86 hasn’t been imported in many years and cannot be imported for various reasons. Hence, the price as there’s a finite number out there. A lot of folks prefer these rifles as they have that “Cold War” mystique to them.

The Romanian PSL kind of looks like an SVD but it’s not really even close. Different operating system and closer akin to the AK or RPK. Just shoots the same round. And there’s been tons of them imported with more continuing to be imported and built. In this country, the closest you can get to a Russian Dragunov SVD and the rifle still be Russian (if that’s important to anyone) is the Tiger import. However, aesthetics are often everything to some people and the Tiger is still quite a bit off.


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