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Man Finds Deserted Farm House…What He Saw INSIDE Is The Stuff Of “NIGHTMARES” !

What would you do if you out for a casual walk in the woods and came upon what appeared to be an old farm house like this?

In just about every scary horror-slasher movie ever made; there ALWAYS seems to be a deserted old farm house, or a cabin in the woods someplace. The point is- YOU DON’T GO INSIDE, even if you are caught in a rain storm and it’s the middle of the night and you have a flat tire…any of that sound familiar? Because 99 times out of a 100, there’s always a crazy half-human serial killer lurking inside, OR, there is a malevolent demonic spirit that will try to EAT your soul. The point is…YOU KEEP WALKING and NEVER go inside to investigate.

 Well, a Kentucky man who was out walking his dog one gray and cloudy day apparently never saw any kind of  Zombie/Slasher/Demonic-Possession  movie I mentioned above, either that, or he had the BIGGEST COJONES on the planet!! Because if he ever DID see any of those flicks…he would have kept on walking. I mean seriously…use your HEAD for Pete’s sake !


The building was part of an old farm that had been taken over by Kentucky’s Wildlife Management Agency. Being brave, or just an idiot with a SERIOUS death wish, the man looked in through a broken window…



And then HE WENT INSIDE against all common sense.



Everything checked out and seemed okay until he looked into the corner and saw this. Had someone tried to get INTO this grave? No…it looks like SOMETHING HAD TRIED TO GET OUT! The grave may or may not have been empty, we’ll never know.


The point is, if you ever come upon an old deserted house out in the middle of nowhere…you keep on walking.

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