A Hillbilly Varmint Trap ”‘Au revoir, gopher!”

Here we have an honest-to-God hillbilly varmint trap and along that line,one of my favorite lines from a movie, was by Bill Murray in “Caddyshack” and it was- “Au revoir, gopher”. If you have a soft-spot for varmints…then this isn’t the video for you.


Now, there are always going to be some sissy bleeding hearts that will write something crude in the comment section below, here’s a novel concept…if you don’t like guns, if you don’t want to see a varmint get blown to kingdom come…then DON”T WATCH THE VIDEO. Simply click something else that is more to your liking little snowflake. While I personally would call this “over-kill”, it does the job none the less. And when it comes to disease carrying varmints, it’s the end-game that matters.

All gophers create a network of tunnel systems that provide protection and a means of collecting food. They are larder hoarders, and their cheek pouches are used for transporting food back to their burrows. Gophers can collect large hoards. Unlike ground squirrels, gophers do not live in large communities and seldom find themselves above ground.

 The entrances can be identified by small piles of loose soil covering the opening.Their burrows can be found in many areas where the soil is softer and easily tunneled. They often appear in vegetable gardens, lawns, or farms, as gophers like moist soil.This has led to their frequent treatment as pests.
 Gophers eat plant roots, shrubs, and other vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, radishes, and any other vegetables with juice. Some species are considered agricultural pests. The resulting destruction of plant life then leaves the area a stretch of denuded soil. At the same time, the soil disturbance created by turning it over can lead to the establishment of early successional communities of r-selected and other ruderal plant species. The stashing and subsequent decomposition of plant material in the gophers’ larder can produce deep fertilization of the soil

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