Here Are 10 Animals That Man Has Hunted To Extinction

We are going to look at the Top 10 animals put into extinction because of human beings. From the Dodo bird, to the western black rhino, these animals would probably still be around had it not been for human intervention. Responsible hunting is one thing, when the first settlers came to the North American continent, they saw what was in their minds, an endless population of animals to hunt. The indigenous people only hunted for what they needed to survive, the Europeans, hunted not only for food, but also the profitable fur trade.

In less than 200 years from the time the first colonists stepped foot in this country, some species, like the beaver and the buffalo, were brought to the edge of extinction. Other species weren’t so lucky as you’ll see in the video below. The animals on the list, were found all over the planet and because mankind had no regard for their future existence, they were killed-off. Humans do not do well when it comes to sharing the environment and the animals that are one that list, are proof of that. Such a sad legacy for mankind.

10. Bubal Hartebeest
9. The Western Black Rhino
8. The Giant Moa
7. The Great Auk
6. Steller’s Sea Cow
5. The Caribbean Monk Seal
4. The Aurochs
3. The Heath Hen
2. The Do-Do Bird
1. The Passenger Pigeon

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